For All WoW Fans – A Fascinating Legacy Classic 1.12 WoW Server Called Elysium

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Nostalrius by Vision7GamingFinally, a new blog post in our Did You Know category… we know, we have been absent for several months (phew!). What were we doing? Oh well, gaming, what else could we. We discovered a new, fascinating privat
e World of Warcraft Vanilal Classic 1.12 server called the Elysium server. It claims that is a continuation of some former realm called Nostalrius.. but hey, what do we know? We only played on all of it’s realms and it’s really fun to experience WoW as it was back some 12 years ago. What troubled us was obtaining this currency called gold for Elysium WoW, so we had to look for some of the best Elysium websites that could provide us with such. We came into a conclusion that it’s really the continuation of Nostalrius, because the best site was called – funny how we find all things in one place, so we bought an account with level 60 character to experience the end game content. You should try it!

You Can Automate Forex With Champion Robot 2015

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Did you know that you can automate the whole forex trade investment process with the Forex Champion 2015. You can also learn more by reading this Tumblr Forex Blog, or by watching the video below:

A quick recap – this forex automation software will yield high results, with a very low, minimal risk. Always worthy to check. Objective information can be seen on this review.

Why Artists of Any Type Are The Best Brands in Existence

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Artists create the best brands. And that’s a F… Period. Why? Because THEY ARE THE ARTISTS. They can shape their appearance just the way they imagined it to be. But – there are different type of artists. From the common painter, through contemporary digital designers, landscape designers, the classic & traditional ones, even fitness art models ending with the creative tattoo parlors all that i can say is that their work defines their brand. Or to put it in one sentence, they are the brand all by themselves.

The following video shows different types of and the impact of their own brand through their work.

The following art of Michael Jackson, is a clear example of how an artist can brand himself.

michael jackson art wallpaper

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The Best Interior Design Gallery Site

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While there are many online interior design galleries, iDesignInterior proves to be quite exceptional. It features over 2000 high quality photos of beautiful interior, ranging from Bedrooms to Bathrooms. Frankly, i found the living room designs to be the most beautiful, and elegant. The design styles are many, but the most prominent are the French and Italian. Just check this photo below and you will get the idea:


But what i like most – it’s how the Interior blog site branded itself. The name appears to be of premium quality and thought. My 2 cents.

Connecting with the right Investors

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Entrepreneurs in need of funding or looking for partners need to consider several options to ensure that they find the right partners for their vision, which might include choosing an angel investor, venture capitalists, partnerships or a sell-out. Angel investors are ideal for start-ups and small businesses that require limited business funding. Bigger investments require more complicated negotiation and understanding of the expectations of both the involved parties. Investors are often required to bring in the financial and managerial assets to a business. Partnerships are important for businesses that have a high dependency and it is mutually beneficial to form partnerships instead of a normal client-vendor business rapport.

Start-ups and small business benefit greatly if they have the right contacts, which will bring more investors and partners to their business. In this aspect, the organization needs to find the right connectors to pitch their business ideas and strategies to the right investors. At this instance, connectors like Steve Spinner are valuable contacts for the Start-up Company and small businesses to find the best associates.

Business Executive Steve Spinner is an angel investor and advises on several partnership strategies, investments and mergers plans. He is an active advisor for several start-ups and small businesses in the greater San Francisco area with a higher reputation. A supporter of clean and renewable energy, Steve has been a senior advisor for the Centre for American Progress. During his tenure as an advisor at Silver Lake Partners, he focused on mid-cap technology companies. Steve’s focus on technology and environmental reforms has made him one of the most valuable assets to several ensconced and reputed organizations.

Steve splits his time among several early stage ventures in technology, clean technology, and consumer market and media companies. As a seasoned veteran, he has made investments in or served as an advisor to more than 50 start up and small business firms, besides being an advisor to several government finances. He advises his clients on several aspects of sales, marketing, business development, strategic management, mergers and acquisitions, internal structuring, government relations, and much more. Steve founded Sports Potential Inc, a company focused on guiding children to several distinct sports, in accordance to their mental or physical capabilities through a test named as SMART. Sports Potential Inc was able to successfully implement modernized technology solutions for its internal processes to make it more efficient.
Apart from investors, any corporate investment or merger requires lawyers specializing in the corporate law. Law firms have special market capital practices that help clients achieve funding from venture capitalists. These law firms have efficacious lawyers who specialize on business verticals such as technology, consumer marketing, hospitality, financial services etc. Experienced veterans like Allison Spinner who have been able to help their clients receive investments from notable venture capital firms, are indeed a prime asset to the business firms. Legal representation is essential in all forms of business investments and partnerships. Finding the right partner will enable to get the partnerships started on the firm footing and ensure that everyone’s expectations from the venture is clear and concise.

OR, you can invest in Forex.

Blogging is Passe – Micro-blogging Sites Take the Lead Today

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Blogging is no longer the rage it used to be! Google Insights, a trend tracking tool which tracks search terms on the Google search engine worldwide, has shown a 50% decline in blogs last year. On the other hand, micro-blogging websites such as Twitter and Facebook have seen an exponential rise in users. In 2010, blogging declined in India by 30%. Blogging gained popularity in the early 2000s, but it now appears to have hit the skids, as micro-blogging platforms offer a quicker and easier way of sharing thoughts, either as a few sentences or even mere cryptic fragments. Blogging has also become more network driven, as on shared networks like Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook; in contrast to independent domains or blogs.

Hackers Hit Top Blog Sites in Russia

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Russia’s top blog sites were hit by a hacker attack on the blogging service LiveJournal, which was quite surprising given the unwritten rules of cyber warfare that had been in place up until now. These attacks were the equivalent of online carpet bombing, rather than the focused attacks that hackers often use to take down the websites of their ideological enemies.

Their victim was the entire world of the Russian blogosphere, and the motive is to erode the virtual infrastructure of free speech itself. The scope of the attack wasn’t clear at first, and at first it seemed narrowly political in nature as it was targeting the sites of just one anti-corruption crusader and blogger, Alexei Navalny, who has long been a thorn in the government’s side. There fore it was easy for Navalny and other opposition bloggers to conclude at first that the hackers were aligned with, or hired by, the government. But the second barrage against LiveJournal showed no ideological rhyme or reason.

Photo source icimasa

Blogging – A Way of Conversing

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Most company executives are into blogging, they usually blog to share company related news and information, they often ask for suggestions and feedbacks from people via blogging. They have great insights regarding the company and those who are interested in the company or those who work there usually follow their blogs.
Those who are looking forward to blogging can begin with a proper blogging schedule say one blog per month and if more blogs can be done its well and good. Start blogging with an open mind and do it only if turns out to be fun. Blogging actually takes ample time, patience, skill and passion is must.
An ideal blog post must be between 500 – 1000 words, in a form of commentary. Blogging is all about conversation, transparency and authenticity.

Americans Write Almost A Third Of All Blogs

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Almost a third of those who write blogs are in the U.S. and over 50% of Twitterers are American. The U.S.A. accounts for most bloggers with 30% of blogs being produced in the U.S., which is some four times greater than the number two country, the U.K. with 7% of blogs being British. Japan occupies the third place, and Brazil is fourth. China-based blogs aren’t represented in the list given the oppressive anti free-speech stance of the Chinese government.

Twitter use against the blogging stats shows clearly that short status-message posting is more popular in the U.S. than writing blogs. It suggests younger Americans prefer making short postings on social networking sites, and going online on mobile phones. The popularity of blogs has steadily declined among both teens and young adults.

Photo source digitalrob70

Top Blog Sites For Finance Geeks

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The Wall Street Journal Wealth Report has been named among the top blog sites for finance by Time magazine. Time searched for blogs that offered the most useful financial advice, the best insight into the economy, or were just fun to read. They produced a list of the 25 best financial blogs, which also included the excellent analytical site Zero Hedge.

After compiling the list, Time asked some of the best-known bloggers to review one another’s work. Paul Kedrosky reviewed the Zero Hedge blog, and he describes it as a morning zoo of pessimistic financial blogging that is also a lot of fun to read. While that may seem like a contradiction, the downbeat site has found an entertaining and informative niche at the intersection of The X-Files, finance and tireless anti-Goldman Sachs campaigning. However, he criticizes the site for being too conspiratorial and too much of an intellectual monoculture.