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Blogging – A Way of Conversing

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Most company executives are into blogging, they usually blog to share company related news and information, they often ask for suggestions and feedbacks from people via blogging. They have great insights regarding the company and those who are interested in the company or those who work there usually follow their blogs. Those who are looking […]

Americans Write Almost A Third Of All Blogs

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Almost a third of those who write blogs are in the U.S. and over 50% of Twitterers are American. The U.S.A. accounts for most bloggers with 30% of blogs being produced in the U.S., which is some four times greater than the number two country, the U.K. with 7% of blogs being British. Japan occupies […]

Top Blog Sites For Finance Geeks

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The Wall Street Journal Wealth Report has been named among the top blog sites for finance by Time magazine. Time searched for blogs that offered the most useful financial advice, the best insight into the economy, or were just fun to read. They produced a list of the 25 best financial blogs, which also included […]

Google launches The Inside Search Blog:

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Google is all set to launch a new addition to the Google Blog family. The new added Google blog will be interesting search blog. By taking a different approach, Google is starting a blog – “Inside Search”. Here, you’ll be able to find regular updates every day. Google says that the Google blog will meet […]

Huffington Post Poaches Talent From Top Blog Sites

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The Huffington Post Media Group is on a hiring spree that shows no signs of slowing down. The company has just announced that it has made 11 new hires, including the former New York Times editor John Montorio. The company has poached talent from other top blogs sites and traditional media companies as well. Politics […]

WordPress Blog Sites

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WordPress is a common place individuals have started their own blog. Here you can find a whole community of WordPress blog sites that have been run by a simple idea, that is, to provide a platform for individuals to speak and share their ideas and thoughts. The power of sharing information has been so strong […]