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Connecting with the right Investors

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Entrepreneurs in need of funding or looking for partners need to consider several options to ensure that they find the right partners for their vision, which might include choosing an angel investor, venture capitalists, partnerships or a sell-out. Angel investors are ideal for start-ups and small businesses that require limited business funding. Bigger investments require […]

Blogging is Passe – Micro-blogging Sites Take the Lead Today

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Blogging is no longer the rage it used to be! Google Insights, a trend tracking tool which tracks search terms on the Google search engine worldwide, has shown a 50% decline in blogs last year. On the other hand, micro-blogging websites such as Twitter and Facebook have seen an exponential rise in users. In 2010, […]

Hackers Hit Top Blog Sites in Russia

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Russia’s top blog sites were hit by a hacker attack on the blogging service LiveJournal, which was quite surprising given the unwritten rules of cyber warfare that had been in place up until now. These attacks were the equivalent of online carpet bombing, rather than the focused attacks that hackers often use to take down […]