Connecting with the right Investors

Entrepreneurs in need of funding or looking for partners need to consider several options to ensure that they find the right partners for their vision, which might include choosing an angel investor, venture capitalists, partnerships or a sell-out. Angel investors are ideal for start-ups and small businesses that require limited business funding. Bigger investments require more complicated negotiation and understanding of the expectations of both the involved parties. Investors are often required to bring in the financial and managerial assets to a business. Partnerships are important for businesses that have a high dependency and it is mutually beneficial to form partnerships instead of a normal client-vendor business rapport.

Start-ups and small business benefit greatly if they have the right contacts, which will bring more investors and partners to their business. In this aspect, the organization needs to find the right connectors to pitch their business ideas and strategies to the right investors. At this instance, connectors like Steve Spinner are valuable contacts for the Start-up Company and small businesses to find the best associates.

Business Executive Steve Spinner is an angel investor and advises on several partnership strategies, investments and mergers plans. He is an active advisor for several start-ups and small businesses in the greater San Francisco area with a higher reputation. A supporter of clean and renewable energy, Steve has been a senior advisor for the Centre for American Progress. During his tenure as an advisor at Silver Lake Partners, he focused on mid-cap technology companies. Steve’s focus on technology and environmental reforms has made him one of the most valuable assets to several ensconced and reputed organizations.

Steve splits his time among several early stage ventures in technology, clean technology, and consumer market and media companies. As a seasoned veteran, he has made investments in or served as an advisor to more than 50 start up and small business firms, besides being an advisor to several government finances. He advises his clients on several aspects of sales, marketing, business development, strategic management, mergers and acquisitions, internal structuring, government relations, and much more. Steve founded Sports Potential Inc, a company focused on guiding children to several distinct sports, in accordance to their mental or physical capabilities through a test named as SMART. Sports Potential Inc was able to successfully implement modernized technology solutions for its internal processes to make it more efficient.
Apart from investors, any corporate investment or merger requires lawyers specializing in the corporate law. Law firms have special market capital practices that help clients achieve funding from venture capitalists. These law firms have efficacious lawyers who specialize on business verticals such as technology, consumer marketing, hospitality, financial services etc. Experienced veterans like Allison Spinner who have been able to help their clients receive investments from notable venture capital firms, are indeed a prime asset to the business firms. Legal representation is essential in all forms of business investments and partnerships. Finding the right partner will enable to get the partnerships started on the firm footing and ensure that everyone’s expectations from the venture is clear and concise.

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