For All WoW Fans – A Fascinating Legacy Classic 1.12 WoW Server Called Elysium

Nostalrius by Vision7GamingFinally, a new blog post in our Did You Know category… we know, we have been absent for several months (phew!). What were we doing? Oh well, gaming, what else could we. We discovered a new, fascinating privat
e World of Warcraft Vanilal Classic 1.12 server called the Elysium server. It claims that is a continuation of some former realm called Nostalrius.. but hey, what do we know? We only played on all of it’s realms and it’s really fun to experience WoW as it was back some 12 years ago. What troubled us was obtaining this currency called gold for Elysium WoW, so we had to look for some of the best Elysium websites that could provide us with such. We came into a conclusion that it’s really the continuation of Nostalrius, because the best site was called – funny how we find all things in one place, so we bought an account with level 60 character to experience the end game content. You should try it!

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