Top Blog Sites For Finance Geeks

The Wall Street Journal Wealth Report has been named among the top blog sites for finance by Time magazine. Time searched for blogs that offered the most useful financial advice, the best insight into the economy, or were just fun to read. They produced a list of the 25 best financial blogs, which also included the excellent analytical site Zero Hedge.

After compiling the list, Time asked some of the best-known bloggers to review one another’s work. Paul Kedrosky reviewed the Zero Hedge blog, and he describes it as a morning zoo of pessimistic financial blogging that is also a lot of fun to read. While that may seem like a contradiction, the downbeat site has found an entertaining and informative niche at the intersection of The X-Files, finance and tireless anti-Goldman Sachs campaigning. However, he criticizes the site for being too conspiratorial and too much of an intellectual monoculture.

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