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Why Artists of Any Type Are The Best Brands in Existence

Posted by Matthew on November 15th, 2014 under Blogging Ideas  •  No Comments

Artists create the best brands. And that’s a F… Period. Why? Because THEY ARE THE ARTISTS. They can shape their appearance just the way they imagined it to be. But – there are different type of artists. From the common painter, through contemporary digital designers, landscape designers, the classic & traditional ones, even fitness art models […]

The Best Interior Design Gallery Site

Posted by Matthew on September 30th, 2013 under Blogging Ideas  •  No Comments

While there are many online interior design galleries, iDesignInterior proves to be quite exceptional. It features over 2000 high quality photos of beautiful interior, ranging from Bedrooms to Bathrooms. Frankly, i found the living room designs to be the most beautiful, and elegant. The design styles are many, but the most prominent are the French and […]

Blogging – A Way of Conversing

Posted by Matthew on March 31st, 2013 under Blogging Ideas  •  No Comments

Most company executives are into blogging, they usually blog to share company related news and information, they often ask for suggestions and feedbacks from people via blogging. They have great insights regarding the company and those who are interested in the company or those who work there usually follow their blogs. Those who are looking […]