Google launches The Inside Search Blog:

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Google is all set to launch a new addition to the Google Blog family. The new added Google blog will be interesting search blog. By taking a different approach, Google is starting a blog – “Inside Search”. Here, you’ll be able to find regular updates every day. Google says that the Google blog will meet the increasing demands where people will be able to search news and information. The new Google search blog will wrap the weekly searches and the contents from its help center and Webmaster Central blog.

This advancement will help marketers to stay attuned with the growing competitiveness for knowledge about SEO and will compel them to stay abreast with the latest Google developments. Google wants to help people to find the answers for whatever they are looking-whether it’s the best price for a microwave or a new bike.

Huffington Post Poaches Talent From Top Blog Sites

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The Huffington Post Media Group is on a hiring spree that shows no signs of slowing down. The company has just announced that it has made 11 new hires, including the former New York Times editor John Montorio. The company has poached talent from other top blogs sites and traditional media companies as well. Politics Daily is being folded into The Huffington Post Media Group, and Andrea Stone, Alex Wagner and David Wood are joining as Senior National Correspondent, Social Impact Reporter and Military Defense Correspondent, respectively.

Arianna Huffington is clearly serious about turning AOL into a journalism operation as well as a power aggregator site, and the hiring of Montorio especially is a big step in that direction. One of the co-founders of Twitter is also joining the Huffington Post as a strategic adviser for social impact to enhance innovation around social impact and cause-based initiatives.

WordPress Blog Sites

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WordPress is a common place individuals have started their own blog. Here you can find a whole community of WordPress blog sites that have been run by a simple idea, that is, to provide a platform for individuals to speak and share their ideas and thoughts.

The power of sharing information has been so strong that thousands of individuals all over the world have their own blog through WordPress. The only cost involved to set up your own blog is the cost of the domain and hosting. WordPress also has a list of templates that can be used to help you stylize your website and stand out from the crowd. You can learn more about WordPress at the official website here.

Best Blog About Beauty

Posted by Matthew on February 25th, 2013 under Blogs  •  No Comments is one of the most popular websites for individuals who are keen to learn about, read about and share about beauty. Here you will find the best blog that delivers content, tips and articles on makeup, fashion, shopping and skin care. Originating from the magazine, the Vogue empire has extended to a website platform allowing individuals to learn more.

It is also a great place for individuals to share and socialize about all things to do with beauty. Here you will find not only the blog concept, but a forum in which individuals can sign up for free, search through and comment. You can also ask all your beauty questions that can be answered by fellow vogue readers online.

Reading The Top Blog Sites

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The top blog sites can be an enjoyable read. It can help individuals not only find informative and entertaining information, but also be a great resource for individuals to grow their understanding of how to make a great website and blog. The top blog sites are a great example to base your own blog about.

Although it is important to make sure your website is original and unique, you can find features that work on several top blog sites that you can incorporate for your own website. Choose for example, blogs that are related to your industry. This will hopefully allow you to enhance your own website and ensure that you achieve the goals you aspire towards for your own website.

Pro Blogger For Blog Site Startups

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If you have just a blog site that is starting up, it can be overwhelming to place the first post or article online for the whole world to see. There are many resources online to help you build confidence and skills in the art of blogging. One of these websites includes

This website is a great resource to provide individuals who are interested in learning about anything and everything to do with blogging. You can expect to find not only great tips, but insightful information and entertaining content. You will also find like minded individuals who are also looking for comments and tips for their own website. This is a basic way for individuals to get to know their style as a blogger.

Building The Best Blog

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The blogging industry has taken the world by storm by providing a new platform for individuals to share their thoughts, views and words to anyone who is willing to read and listen. You can expect that there is a huge demand online for more bloggers, especially with the increase popularity of social networking websites such as Facebookand Twitter.

Creating the best blog in the world can be a huge challenge. Individuals can instead find great comfort in these simple tips:

1) Be Yourself: Write from your view and share this with the world. Being yourself always helps to create good content. It can also mean that being personal to your fans and readers can be a huge benefit.

2) Share Things That You Are Passionate About: When you speak from your passion, you are bound to find at least a handful of individuals who have a similar passion.


Blog Search Using Google Blogs

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Finding the latest blogs can be a difficult task as there are so many online. Fortunately, Google has come in to the save the day! The website is called Google Blogs and it is similar to the search engine, whereby individuals will be able to do a quick blog search.

Similar to, individuals will be asked to type in keywords or a phrase that relates to what they are looking for. From here, you will receive a list of the latest postings on ta range of blogs related to your search. This can be a helpful way to find the right blogs that you are looking for. It can also be a great way to find new blogs that may interest you as well.

Knowing the Importance of Your Brand

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So few people really understand how important their personal brand is to how they are perceived everywhere. For some people the link between their real self and their online perceptions is tenuous and trivial. But you will be judged based on your online self.

Everyone Has a Brand

As the articles by Michael Fertik and others will attest, how you are seen in the world matters a great deal. While everyone knows that perception is reality in the real world, the online world is still a new and foreign concept to some people. Everything in the world that either you write or that is written about you becomes a vital part of your presentation. A good presentation is an essential part of being respected regardless of your chosen field of endeavor. Not knowing how you are being presented is rather like an ostrich putting its head in the sand in that it doesn’t change anything, though it might temporarily make you feel better.

Not Knowing Your Brand Won’t Protect It

You need to protect your brand. While there may not be anyone who is actively trying to disparage or libel you, this is a possibility if you have enemies. In addition to this, you also have to be wary of outdated information that may still be circulating about you. Old information can be detrimental when it’s no longer true. Imagine the awkwardness of a situation in which someone thinks you’re still with a former spouse, or if you had a particularly interesting fraternity life that came to the top of searches about you years later. Ignorance is only bliss until it becomes a hardship.

Brand Yourself or Be Branded

Everyone in this world has a brand, and you have two options. You can choose to brand yourself in a way that shows you at your best, or you can choose to let the world brand you however it sees fit. If you allow the latter to happen, you should never be surprised by what you get or by how people perceive you after they find whatever is out there. It may not be true, it may be decades out of date, but if you allow something to taint your brand you have only yourself to blame for it.

Your online self is no laughing matter. If you don’t protect it, you will be misperceived, and the costs coming out of this can be dire.


I am awesome. I cracked the code!!! Can you crack it?

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© Malakh Kelevra

There’s been a lot of buzz on the web so far about the website called: Can you crack it?

It’s the weird site where you are supposed to figure out what a string of code means, then solve it to uncover a secret keyword. You then type in the keyword into the website and click Submit.

Well, guess what?!

I actually figured it out, solved it, and then I was taken to the next page! =)

Now, I won’t tell you what’s on the next page, and I won’t even tell you if you actually win anything after cracking it. Maybe you win something, or maybe you don’t. (I was forbidden to tell you what lays behind that “submit” button)

They did allow me, however, to rub it in the face of the whole world that I am awesome!

I started trying to crack it a few days ago. It was only yesterday that I actually solved it after late nights wrestling with my brain to come up with the answer.

Good luck to the rest of you!